Fri. Dec 6th, 2019


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Amazon’s PNY Gold Box Is Here For All of Your Flash Storage Needs

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PNY Gold Box | Amazon

There’s no such thing as having too much flash storage, and you can stock up on a bunch of different types from today’s PNY Gold Box.


I imagine the most popular deals here will be the microSD cards. If you need a lot of space for Switch games or 4K action cam footage, 512GB is as big as they come these days. You can even upgrade to U3 speeds for 4K/60 capture for $9 more.

If you own an actual, standalone camera (remember those?) five different sizes of SD cards are included in the deal, ranging from 128GB to a whopping 512GB.

There’ are two SSDs here, one is a 480GB model for $50 but if you don’t need a ton of space, $17 is a great price for 240GB.

No flash storage Gold Box would be complete without a few flash drives of varying sizes and speeds. My advice though? Skip the USB 2.0 models.

For all of the deals, be sure to head over to Amazon. Just remember that these prices are only available today, and the best stuff will sell out early.